Creating A Northern Rock PPI Claim But Without The Original Documents

If you have possessed a PPI plan with Northern Rock within the last 12 years you may have been mis-sold it. No original loan arrangement or documents are required for us to create a claim as your representative.

Financial institutions for many years have been guilty of mis-selling payment protection insurance, we can easily help you to claim back what you are owed. Payment protection insurance was basically supposed to be an insurance to grant installment payments when someone fell into some kind of financial trouble due to illness or perhaps lack of employment. PPI was mis-sold to many individuals who did not require it including retired persons as well as the self-employed, so that bank personnel and loan providers could receive substantial commissions. A dishonest technique was basically to tell the borrower that the loan product could solely be obtained together with payment protection added. PPI had been mis-sold from just about almost every lending company within the UK.

We are able to help you reclaim anything you might be due from any mis-sold Payment protection insurance coverage as well as interest. You won’t have to offer any kind of original forms or the loan policy number to create a claim. The majority of PPI claim management organisations will advise you that you could claim up to Six years worth of PPI, we now have in some instances been able to claim up to 12 yrs for our own customers. Recover Your Money Ltd is one of the U.K.’s leading PPI claim specialists with over 13 years experience dealing with bank complaints.

PPI was in most cases mis-sold in the following methods

  • Though it was pretty obvious PPI was not acceptable you had been nevertheless encouraged to take it
  • You were not told concerning any specific exclusions to claiming Payment protection insurance for example medical conditions and self employment
  • You actually felt pressured towards acquiring ppi

  • To make a no paperwork PPI Claim with Northern Rock simply just fill in the form on this page and we will make contact with you shortly.