Tips On How To Reclaim PPI Via The Coventry Builing Society Without The Presence Of Original Paperwork

If you have had a PPI agreement with The Coventry Builing Society over the last 12 years you might have been mis-sold it. We would not need any original lending arrangement paperwork in order to place a Payment protection insurance claim.

There’s a probability that if one has had a credit card, mortgage loan contract or loan at some point in the previous 12 yrs you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance. PPI is normally offered to individuals to make sure that they were able to meet their loan repayment demands during periods of financial problems for example the loss of a job or perhaps serious illness. The prevalent mis-selling regarding Payment protection insurance commenced when workers who had been on huge commissions begun to sell PPI to the individuals who had been unable to claim, such as self-employed as well as retired people. It was at the same time common for vendors to claim that the only way a borrowing arrangement might be agreed was by getting payment protection insurance. Nearly all fiscal organizations in the UK were definitely liable for PPI mis-selling.

If you think you could quite possibly have been mis-sold Payment protection insurance we could help you reclaim every last penny plus any interest you may be due. No files or even original agreements will be necessary for us to generate a claim for you, we won’t even need the original policy number. The majority of Payment protection insurance claim management organisations will advise you that one could claim around Six yrs worth of PPI, we certainly have in some cases been able to claim close to 12 years for our clients. Having specialised in bank complaints from more than 13 years, Recover Your Money Ltd can help you reclaim monies owed from mis-sold PPI.

Payment protection insurance ended up being commonly mis-sold in the following methods

  • Although it was in fact really quite clear Payment protection insurance had not been acceptable you were still encouraged to get it
  • You were definitely made to feel that Payment protection insurance was a condition and would most likely greatly help to increase your personal prospects of finding a financial loan
  • You were sold PPI irrespective of being unable to make a claim resulting from an existing medical problem or being self-employed

  • To make a no documents Payment protection insurance Claim with The Coventry Builing Society simply just fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.