The Best Way To Claim Back Mis-sold PPI Provided by Aktiv Kapital With No Original Paperwork

If you’ve possessed a PPI contract with Aktiv Kapital in the last 12 years you may have been mis-sold it. We’re Payment protection insurance specialists and can claim on your behalf, you will not even really have to provide any original lending product agreement papers.

Finance institutions for a long time were guilty of mis-selling payment protection insurance, we are able to provide help to claim back what you are due. PPI is normally sold to people in order that they’re able to fulfill their loan installments during periods of monetary hardship for example, the loss of employment or even a severe illness. Payment protection insurance ended up being mis-sold to numerous people that didn’t need it such as retirees and also the self-employed, so that bank staff and lenders could easily receive large commissions. It was furthermore typical for vendors to say the best way a personal loan would be agreed upon was by obtaining ppi. Just about every bank and finance institutions within the U . K . are accountable for some form of PPI mis-selling.

We are able to help you to claim back money you could be due from your mis-sold Payment protection insurance policy along with interest. No records or even original documentation will be required for us to make a claim to suit your needs, we will not even have to have the original policy number. A good number of PPI claims management businesses will advise you that you can claim as many as 6 yrs worth of PPI, we have in many instances managed to claim up to Twelve years for our own clients. Having specialised in bank complaints from more than 13 years, Recover Your Money Ltd can help you reclaim monies owed from mis-sold PPI.

There exists a possibility you were mis-sold PPI if

  • Payment Protection had been included in your loan with out your permission or knowledge
  • The PPI Agreement had not been sold as being an non-obligatory extra
  • You had been made to think that PPI would have been a condition and would most likely greatly increase your personal likelihood of getting a loan
  • At no time had you been warned how the ppi plan would finish prior to when the financial loan was repaid
  • You were not advised that you would need to pay interest for the PPI in the event it was added to the loan
  • You actually felt pressured into purchasing ppi

  • To make a no documents Payment protection insurance Claim with Aktiv Kapital simply fill in the form on this page and we will make contact with you shortly.