Recover Payment Protection Insurance Through Welcome Financial Services Limited Without The Need Of Paperwork

Should you have made a PPI agreement with Welcome Financial Services Limited within the last 12 years you possibly have been mis-sold it. We would not need the original finance arrangement paperwork in order to generate a PPI claim.

PPI was basically broadly mis-sold for quit some time, we could enable you to reclaim as many as twelve yrs. Payment protection insurance had been meant to be an insurance to supply repayments when someone fell into some kind of monetary difficulty as a consequence of illness or joblessness. PPI ended up being mis-sold to a lot of people who didn’t need it for example retirees as well as the self-employed, so that bank personnel and lenders would make substantial commissions. It was at the same time common for dealers to say the best way a personal loan could possibly be agreed was by obtaining ppi. Just about every single bank and loan merchants in the British Isles are accountable for some form of PPI mis-selling.

If you believe you could quite possibly have been mis-sold PPI we can help you claim back every single penny along with any interest you could be due. You won’t need to supply any kind of original documentation or even the loan policy number to create a claim. Our company has been in the position to claim in some circumstances as much as Twelve yrs worth of mis-sold PPI for our clients. Recover Your Money Ltd is one of the U.K.’s leading PPI claim specialists with over 13 years experience dealing with bank complaints.

Payment protection insurance was generally mis-sold in the following ways

  • It had not been stated that Payment Protection was in fact non-compulsory
  • You were offered Payment protection insurance despite being unable to make a claim resulting from a preexisting medical problem or being independantly employed
  • You were not notified that you would need to pay interest on the Payment protection insurance when it was combined with the loan

  • To make a no records and documents PPI Claim with Welcome Financial Services Limited just fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.