Natwest PPI Claim

If you have a loan or finance agreement through Natwest you could be due thousands of pounds in compensation.

Have you been sold PPI by Natwest, if so you may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Payment Protection Insurance is a policy sold when taking out a loan to cover you if you cannot make your payments. In many cases it is expensive, sold when not required and it is difficult make a claim.

PPI Claims Service

Claim back any PPI premiums you have paid

  1. No Win No Fee – We pay all costs if your claim is unsuccessful
  2. We will negotiate you the highest possible settlement
  3. We will make sure your claim is handled correctly and fairly by Natwest

You may be able to make a PPI Claim against Natwest if:

  • You were told that PPI was compulsory
  • You were told it would increase your chances of getting the loan
  • You were pressurised into buying PPI
  • The cost of the PPI was not fully explained
  • You were self employed, a contract worker, on benefits or retired
  • The PPI was added without your knowledge
  • You already had PPI cover in place

Make a Natwest PPI Claim today.  PPI is a hot topic.  The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA), are carrying out investigations into high-pressure selling tactics that have resulted in so many polices being inappropriate and therefore mis-sold.

Estimates suggest that approximately half the 20 million PPI policies sold in the UK were mis-sold, and of dubious value to the customer – on average, just 4% of policyholders ever make a claim. In some cases, people were pressured into buying by being told it was a condition of a loan or credit. In others, policies turned out not to be worth the paper they were written on when the time came to claim. Others did not even realise they had been sold PPI!

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is sold alongside a wide range of financial products, most commonly loans, mortgages and credit cards. They are designed to pay out to cover repayments in the event that a person is unable to work due to illness, injury or redundancy. There are several ways in which a policy could be considered to have been mis-sold. Were you simply harassed into taking the insurance by a pushy salesperson? Were you led to believe that the policy was not optional? Or maybe it was implied that taking out the policy would increase your chances of getting the finance you needed to buy the product? Even if the salesperson’s only omission was failing to explain the terms and conditions properly or to make clear what the insurance actually cost, you could have good grounds to make a Natwest PPI claim.

PPI has been labelled a “protection racket” by the Citizens Advice Bureau. If you feel you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance, PPI Claim will help recover the money you are owed with a strict No Win No Fee service.