Making A Inchcape Financial Services PPI Claim Without The Presence Of Original Paperwork

If you have had a PPI agreement with Inchcape Financial Services during the last twelve years you’ve probably been mis-sold it. We would not need the original finance agreement paperwork in order to build a PPI claim.

There exists a likelihood that if you’ve had a credit card, mortgage loan agreement or financial loan anytime inside the previous 12 years you have been mis-sold PPI. Payment protection insurance was basically supposed to be an insurance coverage to supply payments if somebody fell into some sort of economic difficulties as a consequence of sickness or maybe lack of employment. The prevalent mis-selling of Payment protection insurance commenced when workers who had been on substantial commissions started to market PPI to individuals that were unable to claim, for instance the self-employed and retired people. Payment protection insurance had been frequently mis-sold simply by telling the customer that Payment protection insurance was a requirement of the financial loan arrangement. Nearly all financial corporations in the United Kingdom are liable for Payment protection insurance mis-selling.

We are able to help you to reclaim anything you may well be owed from any mis-sold PPI policy this includes interest. You will not have to provide any sort of original documentation or even the finance policy number to create a claim. We have been in a position to claim in some cases as much as 12 years worth of mis-sold PPI for our own clients. If you feel you have a PPI claim, Recover Your Money Ltd can quickly and efficiently help you claim any money that you are owed.

You have been very likely mis-sold PPI if:

  • The Payment protection insurance Arrangement wasn’t offered as being an optional extra
  • You incorrectly were made to believe that a bank loan could well be awarded without difficulty in the event that Payment protection insurance was in fact present
  • That you would need to pay back interest fees on your Payment protection insurance contract in the event it was included in the finance was not ever talked about

  • To put together a no records and documents Payment protection insurance Claim with Inchcape Financial Services simply just fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.