Making A Bespoke Finance PPI Claim Without Any Original Documents

For those who have possessed a Payment protection insurance contract with Bespoke Finance within the past 12 years you might have been mis-sold it. We are PPI experts and can claim as your representative, you will not even need to supply your original financial loan agreement documentation.

There is a probability that if a person has had a charge card, house loan agreement or personal loan sometime in the previous 12 years you have been mis-sold PPI. Payment protection insurance was basically meant to be protection to provide monthly payments if someone fell into some type of monetary trouble as a consequence of health problems or maybe joblessness. PPI was basically mis-sold to a lot of people that did not need it for example retirees and the self-employed, so that bank workers and loan providers could easily receive large commission fees. It was furthermore well-known for companies to say that the only way a personal loan might be agreed was by obtaining payment protection insurance. Nearly all financial institutions in the United Kingdom have been responsible for Payment protection insurance mis-selling.

We’ve many years expertise in getting back PPI and can enable you to reclaim any money you may wind up being owed including interest. No documents or even original agreements will be necessary for us to make a claim to suit your needs, we will not even require the original policy number. Almost all PPI claim management businesses will tell you you could claim as many as 6 yrs of PPI, we certainly have in some instances had the capacity to claim as much as 12 yrs for our clients. If you feel you have a PPI claim, Recover Your Money Ltd can quickly and efficiently help you claim any money that you are owed.

PPI was typically mis-sold in the following ways

  • Payment Protection was in fact put onto your loan with out your permission or knowledge
  • It had not been mentioned that Payment Protection was in fact non-compulsory
  • You were definitely made to think that PPI was really a condition and would undoubtedly greatly boost your own probability of getting a personal loan
  • That you were offered Payment protection insurance regardless of not being able to make a claim because of an ongoing medical problem or being running your own business
  • You actually felt forced into acquiring payment protection insurance

  • To put together a no documents Payment protection insurance Claim with Bespoke Finance just fill in the form on this page and we will make contact with you shortly.