Liverpool Victoria PPI Claim

Liverpool Victoria whilst we don’t deal with many PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims for them, because they are quite a small company and because clients don’t associate them with PPI claims, however did mis-sell payment protection insurance.  So if you have been with them in the past get hold of us today.

I’m not sure what they think of us whether they either hate or love us because when we have any claims to date they have been very efficient and to be honest when agreeing with our arguments fantastically quick payers of claims.  They hold the record of 4 days from our letter sent to offer received.  Of course this does not happen with everyone it shows that yes they missold PPI and yes they will look at addressing claims pretty quickly after we submit them.

Now firstly have you had a facility with Liverpool Victoria?  It is ok you do not need to have any paperwork or know the account details or even know if PPI was applied.  You just need to know did you have a facility with them.

If you did fantastic email me your contact details via the link on this page and I can drop you an email to get the ball rolling into looking into the facility.

Now if you did not have any PPI or if for whatever reason they cannot locate information or no refund is ultimately agreed then you do not have to pay a penny.  All you need to pay for is our fee which is 25% of any refund if a refund is made, no refund no payment.

PPI is an appalling product sold by all lenders to cover either Loan, Credit Card, HP, Mortgage or any other type of lending.  It could either be charged as a lump sum or by way of monthly payments. The cover was allegedly helps clients if they suffered a job loss or health problem paying some of the facility or meeting payments on the facility for a short time. This all sounds very good unfortunately it was rubbish, it was very expensive and most of the benefits were outweighed by difficulties in claiming. It was one of the worse products sold by the banks as it was useless to the customer. Heck they didn’t care as they made a fortune selling it!

The most important aspect of all of the PPI debacle where at the moment most lenders including Liverpool Victoria or LV for short is that they have paid out almost £15 billion in refunds. For me though the most frightening statistic is that there is at least another £15 billion to be reclaimed.

Make sure that you are not one of those that doesn’t find out!