How You Can Reclaim Mis-sold PPI From Lloyds TSB Without Any Original Paperwork

Did Lloyds TSB mis-sell you a PPI arrangement we could make it easier to reclaim anything you could be due. We would not need your original loan agreement paperwork in order to build a Payment protection insurance claim.

You will find there’s a likelihood that if you’ve had credit cards, house loan contract or bank loan anytime within the past 12 years you have been mis-sold PPI. PPI was supposed to be an insurance to supply installment payments if somebody fell into some type of economic difficulty as a consequence of health problems or perhaps redundancy. The actual widespread mis-selling associated with Payment protection insurance began when staff that were on huge commission rates begun to sell Payment protection insurance to those who had been ineligible to claim, for example the self-employed as well as retired people. PPI had been frequently mis-sold by simply indicating to the buyer that Payment protection insurance would be a necessity for the loan contract. Payment protection insurance has been mis-sold by just about almost every financial institution within the United Kingdom.

If you think you could have been mis-sold Payment protection insurance we are able to help you reclaim every penny along with any interest charges you could be owed. You will not need to present any kind of original written documents or the financial loans policy number to create a claim. Most Payment protection insurance claims management organisations will tell you you could claim around Six years worth of PPI, we have in many cases been able to claim up to Twelve years for our clients. Having specialised in bank complaints from more than 13 years, Recover Your Money Ltd can help you reclaim monies owed from mis-sold PPI.

You were almost certainly mis-sold Payment protection insurance if:

  • Payment Protection was basically added to the loan with out your permission or knowledge
  • You were made to believe that PPI was actually a necessary requirement and would significantly improve your own prospects of acquiring a personal loan
  • You weren’t notified concerning any exeptions to claiming PPI for instance health concerns and self employment
  • That you were under no circumstances instructed how the Payment protection insurance arrangement would terminate before the finished finance repayment date
  • The fact that you would be required to pay interest fees on the PPI arrangement if it was included with the loan never was mentioned

  • To put together a no records and documents PPI Claim with Lloyds TSB simply fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.