How You Can Claim Back Mis-sold PPI Via Firstplus Financial Group PLC Without The Original Documents

Did Firstplus Financial Group PLC mis-sell you a PPI agreement we could make it easier to reclaim any cash you’re likely to be due. We would not need the original lending arrangement records and documents in order to place a Payment protection insurance claim.

PPI was basically widely mis-sold for quit some time, we’re able to provide help to reclaim as much as twelve years. PPI was an insurance made available to people so they were still capable of meeting their loan payments when they encountered some form of financial difficulty for example unemployment or perhaps health problems. PPI ended up being mis-sold to a lot of individuals who didn’t need it for example retired persons and the self-employed, so that bank staff and lenders would pull in huge commissions. It was at the same time common for dealers to claim the best way a personal loan might be agreed upon was by obtaining ppi. Almost every bank and loan merchants in the U . K . are accountable for some sort of payment protection mis-selling.

We can assist you to claim back any money you most likely are due from any mis-sold Payment protection insurance policy including interest. You won’t be required to provide any sort of original documentation or even the finance policy number to create a claim. Many PPI claims management organisations will tell you that it’s possible to claim up to 6 years worth of Payment protection insurance, we certainly have in many instances been able to claim close to 12 years for our own customers. Recover Your Money Ltd is one of the U.K.’s leading PPI claim specialists with over 13 years experience dealing with bank complaints.

You have been in all probability mis-sold PPI if:

  • It wasn’t stated that PPI was in fact optional
  • You had been sold PPI irrespective of not being able to make a claim because of a preexisting medical condition or being running your own business
  • At no point had you been warned that the payment protection insurance contract would finish prior to when the loan was settled
  • That you would need to pay back interest on your Payment protection insurance agreement if it was added to the finance was never explained

  • To make a no documents PPI Claim with Firstplus Financial Group PLC simply just fill in the form on this page and we will make contact with you shortly.