How to Make A PPi Claim

How to make a PPI claim with a claims management company

In the UK, claims management companies offer advice and services regarding claims to consumers. These companies can offer their expertise in areas such as compensation, repayment, or remedy for loss or damage. Advice and/or services can be in litigation, regulation or voluntary arrangements. As such, PPI claim management companies deal in part or exclusively with PPI claims.

No win no fee claims companies

These are online companies that promise you will not have to pay  penny if you do not win your claim. They mostly deal with PPI mis-selling cases. Due to high competition, these companies will contact you and not the other way round. They will offer to check whether you have any mis-sold PPI at no cost to you. If you have been mis-sold PPI, the company will reclaim it for you for a certain percentage of the reclaimed cash. What the companies do not tell you is that they take as much as 50% of the reclaimed cash leaving you with much lee than you are due. Moreover, these sites are riddled with scams and thus need thorough vetting.

Physical PPI claims company

Due to the booming business in the PPI reclaiming industry, offices have been opened up all over UK to satisfy the increasing demand of PPI reclaims. This means that you can visit a company in most neighbourhoods and be taken through the process of reclaiming your PPI. Mostly, you will be required to fill physical forms and provide evidence. These companies also charge hefty fees, but it helps that you do not have to deal with numerous processes and possible long queues in the bank.

Legal offices

Like other claims, PPI claims are mostly legal. Thus, a legal company that deals with claims will be an ideal avenue to go through. This is especially necessary when your case has been denied and you need to appeal. It is also suitable for people who need to carry out investigations to gather evidence. It is also commonly used for large amounts that banks have refused to pay. However, making your claim this way has a definite 50-50 chance as it could go either way.

Whichever way you choose to go, make sure you carry out intensive research. There are numerous scam companies whose main objective is to rip off unsuspecting consumers. Alternatively, you could go though the public service bodies like the office of the Ombudsman for absolutely free service.