How To Claim Back PPI Through weatherseal Home improvements Without The Presence Of Original Documents

If you have had a Payment protection insurance plan with weatherseal Home improvements over the last 12 years you may have been mis-sold it. No original loan contract or paperwork is required for us to generate a claim on your behalf.

You will find there’s a likelihood that if one has had a credit card, house loan contract or personal loan anytime in the past twelve years that you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance. PPI was supposed to be an insurance to supply repayments if an individual fell into some type of financial difficulties as a result of illness or perhaps lack of employment. PPI was basically mis-sold to the majority of individuals who didn’t need it including retirees as well as self-employed, so that bank staff and loan providers could very well make sizeable commission fees. A dishonest method was to explain to the consumer that the particular loan could only be applied for with PPI integrated. Nearly all banking companies in England are accountable for Payment protection insurance mis-selling.

If you believe you could quite possibly have been mis-sold Payment protection insurance we are able to help you to claim back every single pound along with any interest fees you could be owed. Absolutely no paperwork or even original paperwork will be required for us to make a claim for you, we will not even require the original policy number. We have been able to claim in some instances as much as Twelve yrs worth of mis-sold PPI for our customers. Having specialised in bank complaints from more than 13 years, Recover Your Money Ltd can help you reclaim monies owed from mis-sold PPI.

PPI was usually mis-sold in the following ways

  • It wasn’t discussed that Payment Protection was in fact optional
  • You were not notified that you’d be required to pay interest for the Payment protection insurance if it was included on the finance

  • To put together a no documentation PPI Claim with weatherseal Home improvements just fill in the form on this page and we will contact you shortly.