Claim Back PPI for a Deceased Father

With the PPI deadline fast approaching many people apart from forgetting their own PPI being claimed also forget claiming on behalf of a Deceased Father.  A sad situation but the others being relatives that have passed away and leaving a surviving spouse of family member to resolve the death and finances. Now it is time to challenge these finances again and recover what would be rightfully yours.

There is certainly no problem at all looking to claim on behalf of relatives that have died. We can look at claims in the name of the surviving relative and contact whichever firm you know the deceased party had an account or borrowing with. There is no need for details or paperwork for these facilities just some details such as previous addresses will help.

We have been successful at looking into claims into the 1990’s and on occasion with the wind blowing in the right direction the 1980’s. we can look at all types of borrowing from credit cards through to loans mortgages and of course finance such as store cards or catalogues. If your relative had any of these facilities and had not checked for the mis-sale of PPI we can certainly do so.

The subject of dealing with a deceased estate can be taboo but why as a living relative whether a surviving spouse or child should any potential mis-sale not be challenged. At the moment if there has been mis-sold PPI it is the banks or lenders benefiting.

We work on a purely no win no fee and have represented many clients in looking to Claim Back PPI for a Deceased Father. There is nothing to lose as if there is no refund there is nothing to pay.


Claim Back PPI for a Deceased Father