Barclays Bank PPI Claim

How do you know if you have a Barclays Bank PPI claim?  Most people, well about 2 million are still unaware if they have PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) or not.  So if you have any form of borrowing from Barclays Bank for either a credit Card, loans or even a mortgage you could be able to claim money back for any PPI that was applied.

Now the next problem is you like most people probably cannot remember if you had PPI and if you did you are unlikely to know the account number or have any paperwork to confirm the details.

This is where we can help, it doesn’t matter whether you have the details or not or if you are unable to remember if PPI was applied as we can check for you.  When we act for a client we find all of the information going back about 15 years although longer in some cases and check.  If there is no PPI, they are unable to locate any information or for whatever reason Barclays are unable to help and provide a refund then there is nothing to pay.  Our fee is based purely on success.  I you receive a refund then a fee of 25% including the Vat is charged if you receive nothing then you pay nothing.

What this means is that you can check everything and the worse that will happen is that you receive nothing but pay nothing but at least you will know.

Don’t worry:

  • If you have no paperwork:
  • Don’t know if you had PPI
  • Unsure how far back the facilities with Barclays were

We can find this information out and work purely on a no win no fee basis so you have nothing to lose.

The vast majority of PPI policies were missold as in the case Barclays earned huge revenues on the policies which made them incredibly profitable.  The policies were often expensive and pointless and failed to cover clients of the bank.  Barclays like all of the other banks and lenders have now been found out and have to look into any complaints we submit for the missale of PPI and then refunding the premiums, with interest and compensation.

So what to do know?  If you think you may have a Barclays bank PPI Claim then its  nice and simple please just email using the enquiry form on the page and I will contact you about sending some paperwork to get the ball rolling.